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Say hello to our beers

What could it be…

Blueberry Cupcake Sour 4,7% – Fruited Berliner Weisse jam-packed with blueberries and a touch of vanilla.
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Berry Crush Sour 5,6% – Collab with our great friends at Brygghuset Finn, this berliner weisse is brewed with loads of yummy raspberry and passionfruit!
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Limoncello Lemonade Sour 4,7% – A tribute to the Italian Limoncello liqueur, this refreshing berliner weisse brewed with loads of lemons that pops out of the glass.

Alegria Sour 4,8% –  a fruited berliner weisse with Red Wine Grapes, Strawberries, Oranges and Cherries, inspired by the wine drink Sangria.

Rosé Sour 6% – Collab with awesome Duckpond Brewing, this refreshing sour ale is brewed with white wine grapes, raspberry and elderflower.
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Glögg Sour 4,5% – “Mulled Wine Sour” is a berliner weisse with blueberries, cherries, blackcurrant and Christmas spices. Collaboration with Morgondagens and Poppels.
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Skoglunds Bärdröm Sour 4,8% – “Skoglunds Berry Dream” is a berliner weisse with a shitload of Robin’s favourite berries when he goes berry picking in the forest: Blackcurrant and Blackberry.
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Hallon Passionsdröm Sour 4,8% – “Raspberry Passion Dream Sour” is a berliner weisse with massive amounts of Raspberry and Passionfruit to make the aroma jump out of the glass.
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Skoglunds Blåbär Sour 4,8% – This berliner weisse is filled blueberries for a lovely taste and aroma, and a touch of vanilla to add roundness.

Tropical Beach Sour 4,8% – A berliner weisse with aloot of Mango, Pineapple and Passionfruit. A thirst-quencher for the hot summer months.

Geléhallon Sour 4,2% – A berliner weisse brewed with loads of raspberries, vanilla and lactose. This sour ale is a tribute to the Swedish candy Geléhallon. Brewed in collaboration with Morgondagens Bryggeri.

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Starman DDH DIPA 8% - A hazy DIPA double dry hopped with crazy amounts of Galaxy and Amarillo hops. Collab with Brewski.


Tropical Daze DDH NEIPA 6,5% - A hazy, straw yellow New England IPA with loads of Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic hops. Double Dry Hopped for a lovely aroma. Perfect on a sunny day in the hammock!


I Love Mandarins DDH NEIPA 6,3% - This fresh, golden mandarin juice is a hazy New England IPA brewed with Citra and Amarillo hops and, of course, a big dose of mandarin purée. Double Dry Hopped for a lovely aroma.


Judgement Day Stout 16% - Pitch black uncompromising 16% stout brewed with both roasted and whisky malts for a long, smoky experience with a nice bitter finish. Judgement day is near!


Judgement Day Stout Koppi Red Clay 16% - Judgement Day Stout aged with Koppi Red Clay Espresso coffee beans for richer flavour dimensions.


Sunshine Double IPA - Welcome Sunshine and Spring! Our New England style Double IPA is a fresh and fruity celebration to the sunny lifestyle!

Buy now at Systembolaget


Mango Passion Saison - A dry farmhouse ale brewed with Mosaic hops and loads of Mango and Passion fruit.


Tropical Hopnado IPA - Brewed with crazy amounts of Citra and Mosaic hops for a tropical, fruity and hoppy kick in the taste buds!!


XJA436 Jungle Robot IPA - An India Pale ale brewed with the South African experimental hop XJA436 - a clean, hoppy and delicious taste with a touch of bitterness at the end

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Handla våra produkter här på Glasbanken.se

If you are a pub or restaurant owner and want to buy our beer please order them from Beer me

If you are a pub or restaurant owner and want to buy our beer please order them from Drycks

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About Friends Company

In 2016, Friends Company Brewing was founded in Helsingborg Sweden by bunch of friends with a simple mission: To create beers full of flavour for people to enjoy in friends company. We strive to do this by exploring new horizons and constantly improve ourselves and the beer we make. Cheers!

Meet the crazy dudes that are Friends

  • Jacob

    Jacob, loves outrageously hopped double IPAs and highly viscous imperial stouts. E-commerce entrepreneurship, the gym, music concerts and brewing beer until the break of dawn...

  • Philip

    Philip, The analysist, former chemist that turned biznizman. If we could brew spreadsheet beer, it would be his brew of choice, but we can't so he drinks pilsner, lager and weissbier instead.

  • Robin

    Robin, the one and only. Famous for eating whole pigs, catching huge fish and his love for sour beer.