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Brewski Distribution: Beerski!
If you are a pub or restaurant owner and want to buy our beer please order them from our awesome friends at Brewski or email andreas@brewski.se

In Norway, contact Beerski AS
In Finland, contact Brewski & Friends Oy Brewski.fi

I Sverige kan du som privatperson handla våra senaste öl genom Systembolaget.se

About Friends Company

In 2016, Friends Company Brewing was founded in Helsingborg Sweden by bunch of friends with a simple mission: To create beers full of flavour for people to enjoy in friends company. We strive to do this by exploring new horizons and constantly improve ourselves and the beer we make. Cheers!

Meet the crazy dudes that are Friends

  • Jacob

    Jacob, loves outrageously hopped double IPAs and highly viscous imperial stouts. E-commerce entrepreneurship, the gym, music concerts and brewing beer until the break of dawn...

  • Philip

    Philip, The analysist, former chemist that turned biznizman. If we could brew spreadsheet beer, it would be his brew of choice, but we can't so he drinks pilsner, lager and weissbier instead.

  • Robin

    Robin, the one and only. Famous for eating whole pigs, catching huge fish and his love for sour beer.